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Unit 1 The Colonies & Revolution
Dec. of Ind. Activity Directions
Declaration of Independence Reading & Questions
Boston Massacre Primary Source Activity & Questions
Boston Massacre Primary Source Activity & Questions
Colonial Protest Mini Posters Instructions
Timeline Activity, timeline template
Townshend Act Close Reading & QUestions
Vocabulary 2 British Acts
French & Indian War 4 Square Directions
Sugar & Stamp Act Reading/ G.O.
Colonial Influences Writing Response Prompt
Colonial Influences Reading & Foldable Chart
Vocabulary: Roots of Rep. Gov't
Inquiry Partner Activity Directions
Lunchroom Fight Part 1 & 2 Worksheets
Review 1.1/1.2 Worksheet
Why study this? Worksheet
Notes: Declaring Independence
Notes: Increasing Resistance
Notes: Tighter British Control
Roots of Representative Government Notes
Societies of North America Notes
13 Colonies Notes
Classroom Routines Notes